Expect soft and manageable hair.

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It's time to ditch the cheap, toxic, greasy drugstore products.

You deserve amazing hair, gain confidence with your own first-class grooming routine.

Hi, I'm Ayodele Tittus, The Founder Of Fresh Boss.

If you do not know me, I regard myself as " a man with the knowledge of business ". A graduate of International Economics (Bsc & Msc) from Ternopil National Economic University, Masters in business administration ( Dublin Business School ) and Phd in Marketing.

My drive : The big brands in beauty largely ignore the male consumer’s behaviour and needs; the vast number of different options in the market alone can overwhelm the average guy.


Aims & Objective : I wanted to bring guys a competent line of products that met all of their needs and wants. After years of product development, I created something I was proud to put my name behind.

When a guy looks good, he feels good. When he feels good, he’s ready to capture every opportunity that comes his way. Quality branding, packaging, community of like-minded guys and honest education has been our focus since day one.


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